It Matters HOW You Play


It Doesn’t Matter How WELL you play.
It Matters That You Play WELL.

Golf is not just a game you play to hit a small ball into a hole several hundred yards away. It’s a game that shows others who you are. Many programs are available to help people learn to play golf but many of them fail to take into account that not everyone is able to, or even wants to play competitive golf. When playing golf for business, competition, exercise or just for fun, CAREER ROUND can help you put your best foot forward and represent yourself in the best light possible.

What is the Right Approach?

Jennifer Lorimor approaches the game of golf by first understanding what you would like to accomplish with golf. Why do you want to play golf? When she understands your goals, she can help you determine what you need to focus on to accomplish those goals.

Your CareerRound is known as the best score you’ve ever had playing golf. If you learn the basics of the game, have respect for others and have fun, Jennifer believes it’s possible for every round you play to be your CareerRound. It doesn’t matter how well you play, it matters that you play well. We’ll work together so you can enjoy this wonderful game on whatever level you choose. Learn how to play YOUR best game.

ON PAR Golf Rules Playing Cards
1st Edition — 2019

ON PAR Golf Rules Playing Cards are fun way to learn the Rules of Golf. Use our cards to play any of your favorite card games and at the same time find out more about the Rules of Golf. Help your kids learn about golf while playing Go Fish or use our cards to quiz them by asking questions in the car on road trips.

Our Cards can also be Customized with your Company Logo. Use them as favors in corporate tournaments or events and as promotional items for you and your business.

Get Your Game On Presentations

Do you want to use golf to connect with colleagues or clients? If you haven’t joined in because you don’t know golf or how to handle a variety of situations and personalities on the golf course, let’s have fun learning how to play during Happy Hour. We’ll focus on your Goals, Attitude, Motivation and Energy and discover what you need to enjoy your G.A.M.E. Presented indoors. No need to bring anything but expectations.

Contact jennifer@CareerRound.com to schedule a Presentation for your colleagues, clients or association today.

Clinics & Lessons

Everyone has their own Goals, Attitudes, Motivations and Energy they bring to golf. Let me help you identify what you need to improve your enjoyment of this G.A.M.E. Discover specific techniques or information you want to explore and in every lesson, you’ll receive help getting where you want to be in golf.

Clinics and Private Lessons are offered for both Beginners and Experienced Golfers to provide everyone with a comfortable and productive space to improve. Come alone, bring a friend or join a group. I work hard to make it simple and easy to learn how to play this wonderful game of golf.

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Contact me directly at jennifer.lorimor@ClubCorp.com for information on Junior Lessons.